At Husker Collision Center, we're committed to delivering exceptional workmanship and customer service. Having a strong process in place is part of what holds us accountable to our customers and keeps all of our various teams on track. Learn about the process we use at our auto repair center in Lincoln, NE, and please contact us for a free quote if you are currently seeking out a body repair shop.


The process begins with estimating damage to the vehicle. A specialist will inspect the car and prepare a thorough report detailing all of the necessary repairs, as well as those that are recommended but not required. Any questions you have will be answered during this time.


To begin repairs, your authorization will be requested and our team will contact your insurance company if approval is needed from your insurer as well. Also, if necessary, we'll contact your insurer to set up an appraisal of the vehicle.


When blueprinting, careful attention is paid to mapping out the car in detail and taking photos. During this process, we'll confirm and identify all aspects that need to be fixed. If any further damage is found, we'll immediately inform you and request approval for additional repairs.


Next on the list is ordering the correct parts for the repairs. At our collision center in Lincoln, NE, you can trust that your car gets high-quality OEM parts, unless otherwise requested. We also work to get parts in quickly so as not to hold up the timeline for repairs.


In the event that structural repairs are needed, we use advanced systems to ensure that your vehicle's frame is properly analyzed and that all measurements are precise, so that we can get your car back to factory specifications.


Adding new sheet metal, finishings and other body components is an important part of the process. It not only improves the aesthetics of the vehicle, but depending on the damage, will also ensure that your car is safe and properly functioning.


During the painting and refinishing process, your car will really start to be brought back to its former condition. All aspects of the painting process, from sanding and priming to color matching the paint hue and buffing, will get your car's paint job back in superior condition.


Once all structural and body repairs are completed, and the paint team has finished their work, we'll carefully reassemble the vehicle. Our technicians will ensure that all systems and parts have a factory fit upon reinstalling.


After repairs and reassembly, Husker Collision Center's team will do a thorough detailing of the car. Following this, and a final inspection is done to ensure that we've met our standards of quality, and that the vehicle is prepared for delivery.


Finally, you'll get your vehicle back! We'll inform you when your car is ready and have you come in to do a walk-around and complete final paperwork. At this time you'll also be given after-care instructions, if applicable.

Husker Collision Center is here for you if you've recently been in a car accident. Whether you're looking for an auto body repair shop near Waverly, Wahoo, Ashland, Milford or another city local to Lincoln, Nebraska, please call or visit to get a quote today.


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